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Friends for Infinity

FRIENDS FOR INFINITY by Jennifer Gellel Author

John Hollis is new to Greenville, Maine’s police department. He is a homicide detective who has come from Los Angeles for a much-needed break from the city’s rising violent crime. But shortly following his arrival, jumping straight from the frying pan into the fire, he is faced with his first murder case in his new role.

After a woman turns up dead in a local children’s park, Detective Hollis is quick to arrest the killer after a resident confesses, but he struggles to understand why this unlikely suspect has committed such a heinous crime.

In this untraditional why-done-it mystery, the detective, while wrestling his own demons, listens patiently to his detainee’s confession, eager to uncover a motive and the identity of the victim. However, as the investigation unravels, Hollis questions the validity of the suspect’s story and enlists the help of a fellow rookie colleague, determined to find out the truth.



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August 17, 2022



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FRIENDS FOR INFINITY by Jennifer Gellel Author

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